Ozark Bar-B-Que is a Lake tradition! Opened with the goal of becoming the friendliest, most enjoyable, family-oriented restaurant on The Lake, we never lose sight of that objective. Customer loyalty is the glue that holds OBQ together, and we regularly meet customers who came in as children and are bringing their grandchildren to the restaurant to create a new generation of bar-b-que lovers! We're proud to have become an Ozark tradition, and look forward to many years of continued service to this vibrant community. You bring your appetite...we'll supply the napkins!

Hours: Our online store never closes

6 days per week:   11AM
closed on:   TUESDAYS
MON, WED – FRI:   3PM – 5PM

Food specials & CHEAP BEER during Happy Hour!

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

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Looking for a great view during happy hour? Beer & Drink specials Mon, Wed–Fri 3pm – 5pm

VOTE for what you love most about Ozark Bar-B-Que!

VOTE for what you love most about Ozark Bar-B-Que!